• For how long I can lease a car?

As long as you need it, provided it is pre-agreed.

• Can I choose any car to lease or only what is in your offer?

You may choose any car you wish, and we shall buy it brand new for you or chose one of the existing fleet.

• What is the safety deposit for car lease and from what does it depends?

If it is from the existing fleet is from 600 Euros onwards depending on the value of the car. For a brand new car of your choice, the minimum is €1.000 upwards depending on the total purchase price of the car.

• Who is responsible for car repairs and servicing when I lease the car?

We are responsible for the repairs, maintenance and the service of the car.

• What is the time notice I have to give you before ending the lease?

The notice of termination of the long term lease must be pre-agreed.