How do this work?

It is just like living in a hotel for an extended period. We take care of all technicalities, and you enjoy your favorite ride for the special price. This deal is made using Contract Hire method, and it is available for individuals and as well for the companies.

Companies and individuals that have decided to lease vehicles from us may choose the car and the model, even the color, and they enjoy the following benefits and extras:

• Full Maintenance & Repairing of their car;

• Change of Tyres;

• Car Replacement;

• Accident Handling;

• 24-hour road support;

• Car Renewal;

• Reduced Operational Risk;

• Reduced Administration;

• Simplified Funding;

• Improved Cash Flow;

• Eliminating any exposure to unpredictable residual values;

• Tax Optimisation;

• Vehicle kept always in good roadworthy condition;

• Accident Management;

• 15.000 Free Km Per Annum, additional charge in case of over 15.000 p.a;

• Full Comprehensive Insurance.

We have been providing hire cars for visitors to Cyprus since 1943. For more than seventy five years we have built up a reputation for service and reliability.

For more details about vehicles available for these services so as for the customised requests, please contact us at

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